Educational Objectives & Resources

Educational Objectives

  • To internalize the job and excitement of a Torah-true way of life
  • To nurture and encourage the girls to maximize their potential within the guidelines of Torah and Hashkafa
  • To inspire in our students a love for, and a commitment to, continued lifelong Torah study, observance and growth
  • To instil a love for and connection to, the Land of Israel and its people
  • To ensure that each student develops a positive and healthy self-image
  • To provide a Jewish studies program that prepares the students for seminary and Jewish institutions of higher learning
  • To provide a general studies program that contains academic and applied streams which follow the Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines and which prepare the girls for post-secondary degrees in a diversity of fields
  • To encourage the students to exceed the minimum 40 hours of community service required by the Ministry
  • Two special education co-ordinators
    • To support time management and organizational skills
    • To create early identification procedures and assessment, as well as intervention protocols
    • To develop individual TBY Education Plans (TEP) that are subject-based, to maximize the individual student’s potential
  • Enhanced technology resources including smart-boards, computers and a state-of-the-art science lab
  • Opportunities to develop independent leadership skills (Student Activities/Committees)
    • A well-organized student council
    • Multi-faceted school production
    • Promoting community involvement
  • Guidance counseling for a variety of career paths